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When his new toaster shreds his Pop-Tart, Magnus Haycock has had enough with humankind’s incompetence and decides to take over the world.  But first he has to graduate from high school.  Magnus employs his razor-sharp wit to narrate his quest, along the way ranting about everything from the creepiness of mother-son dances to the dishonesty of no-stir peanut butter.  Magnus is forced to accept a scholarship to a snooty liberal arts college where he suffers through boring classes and a dull social life.  After feigning an emotional disability, Magnus convinces the college to grant him a very unconventional comfort animal.  An altercation with an upperclassman requires Magnus to defend himself before the Student Life Committee, with a little help from his absentee father.  Will Magnus’ transgressions derail his plans for world domination, or will they spark a revolution? 

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In this just released sequel to The Pop Tart Insurrection, with his plans for global domination on hold, Magnus Haycock is forced to move back in with his mom and stepdad, Ryan. The struggle is real as Magnus endures icky come-ons from his younger cousin and holiday gatherings without chardonnay. He hits rock bottom, enrolling at a community college with a program for ex-cons and then hooking up with his ex, Brynn, who previously dumped and humiliated him. Magnus goes to work for Ryan, who is an assistant to the president of a small sports agency, where he comes face-to-face with America’s sometimes unhealthy attachment to sports. He finds himself sickened by all of the obsessed fans, stupid coaches, coddled athletes, selfish parents, and shady agents. But when he has the chance to land a huge shoe deal for one of his clients, Magnus must choose between joining the jock sniff mob or staying true to his principles.

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