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Welcome to Straight Outta Berkshire Blog

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Social commentary through narrative, wit, and a little bit of attitude.

Welcome to my blog, named in part because I currently reside in Berkshire Township, Ohio. The goal of this blog is to share stories, anecdotes, and reflections that can teach us something about ourselves, our fellow human beings, and the communities in which we live. Some of these stories will focus on my own experiences, while others will focus on people who have shared their stories with me and have taught me something valuable. While this blog will be reflective, it doesn’t represent my final thoughts on the subjects or events I discuss. I’m writing this blog to discover, and share, and to help me figure out the experiences that I’ve had in my life.

My intention is that my blog not be a place of monologue, but one of dialogue. Therefore I invite readers to share their thoughts on my entries as well as their own related experiences.

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